She Did That

We are always excited to support other Queens! Please help us support these women as they own their journey. This page is dedicated to highlighting the brilliant female founders, CEOs, project directors, and consultants who manage businesses, non-profits, and projects focused on improving the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health of others. Please visit their websites, use their services, and purchase their products.

Fauna Food Works- Chef Enrika Williams, Jackson MS

Chef Enrika Williams is a Mississippi born and raised chef owner of Fauna Foodworks. Fauna Foodworks was formally a dining concept in Cultivation Food Hall in Jackson, MS, but has since refocused as an abstract, re-imagined culinary food lab which produces thoughtful, ingredient -driven, bohemian chic cuisine. Chef Williams has had the unique experience of working with some of her greatest inspirations and mentors and living in different parts of the country, meeting countless people and ideas… Fauna Foodworks was born. Fauna Foodworks is not only creatively sensitive, but socially, radically vested and expressive in changing the conversations and expanding the culinary landscape through our catering, dinner series, popups and our curated menus/foodstuffs and ideas. Chef Enrika currently resides in Jackson, MS where she is practicing social distancing by grounding herself in planting her garden, perfecting her hula hoop game and continuing her endless pursuit of a delicious and satisfying life through food, art and expression.

The Healthyish Lifestyle-Dr. Josie Bidwell, Jackson, MS

Josie Bidwell is a native Mississippian who enjoys helping others eat for health and enjoyment. Josie is a nurse practitioner who specializes in Lifestyle Medicine. Her food philosophy is simple: Eat real food. Mostly plants. Move on.

Well-One Health Inc-Dr. Tracy Dawes

Reproductively Yours-Dr. Krista Cooper

IG: @reproductivelyyours FB: @RYLLC2019

Chaplain, Minister Timetta Pipkins Wilson- Open Door Perspectives

Dr. Pamela Mukaire-Resources for Improving Birth and Health Outcomes(RIBHO)

Norka Blackman-Richards-4 Real Women International Inc (4RWI)